Monday, June 10, 2013

A Weekend Of Yardwork and Goodbye To An Old Green Friend

It's Monday y'all and we're still waking up to the new week over here.  How about you?

A jungle of a lawn and a monstrous army of rose bushes, greeted us when we came back from CA, so our Saturday was spent mowing, trimming, pulling and bagging.  And cleaning out the garage, which was a bigger mess than our yard.  At least we had sweet friends (who love to cook) offer to bring dinner and grill at our place.  We're totally spoiled by their friendship and their food!

We also said goodbye to the jolly green giant in the living room. 

This couch was my first "big girl" purchase when I got back from my first deployment and moved into my first apartment in San Diego.  (How many times can one use the word 'first' in a sentence?  Too many is the answer).

Anyhow. This couch was super comfy and has held up great over the 11 years we owned it.  The chaise was one of my favorite spots in the house....BUT lately it's been a challenge to create a room around the dark muted color. I'm itching for a fresh palette for this house and something that will work well with the other spaces we've already tackled.  The chaise also limited the furniture layout and we would love more seating for hanging out with friends.

When James and I decided that our big project for the summer would be the floors in our master bedroom, we realized we would need to move our bed into the living room while we work on the floors.  And that was all I needed to list that puppy on craigslist! 

Since all of our family is out of state, sometimes we're lucky enough to get a gang of visitors at one time.  So, we could also use more options for overnight guests.  We're hoping to find a sofa bed for our replacement couch that James and I can bunk on while extra guests have our bedroom.  

But before the couch search commences, we have some floors to tackle.  SO. EXCITED.  If you only knew the grossness our carpets, you would understand. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Anyone else taking on a big project this summer?   Anyone have a piece of furniture that's just throwing off your design mojo?

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  1. Can't wait to see the new flooring!! Hope you don't have to camp out in the living room for too long! I feel like the furniture placement in our family/play room is weird. If it wasn't for all those toys . . .


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