Monday, May 6, 2013

A Perfect Health Diet Meal Plan

I've been sharing bits of our family's decision to commit to 30 days of better eating over on our family blog.  OK, it's really my crazy train and James was willing to keep me company for the ride.  We're following the Perfect Health Diet, which is a version of Paleo eating with a few more food allowances.  It's basically no sugar, no grains, no legumes, and no vegetable oils.  It was an interesting first week, but I'm finally meal planning to make things a little easier.  You can catch our Perfect Health Diet friendly meal plan over at Crinion Clan today. 

We ultimately want this to be a change for the better for our whole family, but we're transitioning the kids over a little more slowly.  We've started making smoothies with no added sugar for breakfast (sneaking in some health boosters like chia seeds and flax seeds) and I'm loving this Ultimate Green Smoothie Formula from Nicole Antoinette.  Easy steps to put together a nutrient-packed and delicous drink! She shares some of her favorite combinations in her post too.

 Anyone else on a smoothie kick lately?  What are some of your favorite combos? 

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  1. Just tried to comment then lost it . . . . Anyway, we've been doing the PHD for a while now, tho not always consistently. Giving up bread is ok but cutting out sugar is hard. Right now I'm enjoying smoothies made with a ripe banana, some frozen blueberries or cherries, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Sometimes I add almond butter or chia seeds. Yum! BEst of luck to you!


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