Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No More Cribs

Let's just get this out of the way first.....Waaaaaaahhh!!!  

This is no longer in our house...
Which means my baby is a big boy, ready for big boy things. 

When James and I decided it was time for Jack to move on up to big boy accommodations, you better believe I was running to Lowe's for my favorite cans of spray paint.  We used Valspar's Indigo in satin for Sully's bed and loved the result (you can find the tutorial here).  I knew the second of James' childhood beds that we've been storing for Jack would be getting a fresh coat of paint too.

Everything in this house is color coded when it comes to the kids...Mia=pink, Sully=blue, Jack=green.  It just sort of happened that the kids started receiving gifts in those colors from their earliest arrival and it eventually turned into a system that works for keeping things organized.  By that logic, I thought a green hue would be fun for Jack's new bed.

I searched for patchwork plaid quilts with green that would complement Sully's red/blue/tan/grey quilt, and just didn't find anything that worked...on our budget anyway.  I eventually decided to go for matching beds and Jack was thrilled that he would have a "bwue bed wike Suwee".

So, more Indigo paint, a few days to dry/cure/de-stinkify, and we have a set of matching blue beds for the lads!

Every picture with the big smiles was totally blurry, because he was too excited to sit still.  It's safe to say, he loves it.

But how did he do in his big boy bed? 

1st night:  Got out of bed twice in the first five minutes, then slept through the night.  Marched down the hall to our room in the morning and announced, "I got UP!!".  With his hands on his hips.

2nd night:  Decided the first night was far too boring and tried his hand at a mix of tactics....sneaking down the hall, throwing all his animals off his bed, "losing" (read: chucking) his binky down the rabbit hole known as the crack between the bed and the wall, completely derobing (including the Pull-up), and crawling into his sleeping sister's room to roar at her like a lion.  He was pretty proud of that last one.  45 min of bedtime games and slept through the night.

3rd night:  Both boys jumped around and laughed for 15min but stayed in/on their beds.  Slept through the night but was up at 6 am.

4th night:  I'll let you know tomorrow.

I had a feeling the 2nd night would be worse.  Let's hope we're on an upward trend!

Of course, now that the bed is in, I'm totally motivated to finish their room.  Here's what still on the docket...

-Raise the valance
-DIY penant project for above their beds
-Picture gallery
-Art above the dresser
-Better toy storage
-Bookcase or larger piece for between the beds
-Reassess the closet once the pull-ups are officially gone

Anyone else recently done the crib-to-bed switch?   Any home run tips to share?  All three of our kids have been different.  The first two adjusted well after a day or two, but Jack has a special kind of stubborn in him (no idea where he gets it.....), so this could be our most interesting round.  Wish us luck!

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  1. Aah, so adorable; I just love him! The room looks great!

  2. He is so adorable! And such a big boy in the big kid bed!

  3. It looks great! Hooray for Jack and his new bed. I'd say for the first 3 nights he has done pretty well. I love the hands on the hips "I got up". I've heard some major horror stories, glad his transition hasn't been awful!

    1. Yesterday was actually sort of awful but tonight was great!

  4. It's so bitter sweet, isn't it? Watching your kids grow up. The room is looking great and Jack is such a cutie pie.

  5. Big boy bed! We just moved our little one last month and it went pretty well! It is bittersweet but I was getting tired of bending/lifting from the crib. I too had a decision on color of beds. We actually have toddler beds and I had painted my son's green then we found the matching one in white on Craigslist for my daughter. I decided to paint his bed white to match the room then each shall have their own quilt. Since they share a room-I just decided to treat it as two different spaces. He wants his fire truck/train/ airplane room and she wants a Curioius George theme. We may unify it by doing similar finishing touches (name banners, etc) in their respective color schemes. PS Some nights are better than others after the bed move. But it does not help that their room looks into the LR.


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