Friday, February 22, 2013

Pinboard to Home (February): Painted Interior Door

After my epic fail in the first round (certainly a fail in timely completion, and maybe a half fail in execution), I'm hoping to redeem myself in this second month of the Pinboard To Home series.  Yes, we're already a week out from the end of the month when I should be revealing this project, but let's not dwell on the past....namely my tardiness.  Moving on!

There is a laundry/pantry area just off our kitchen and we have been scheming to turn that space into a laundry/mudroom since we moved in two years ago.  It's the first room you enter from the garage, which is how the kids and I go in/out 99% of the time.

Right now it's failing miserably at organizing all our coats, bags, shoes, and important school correspondence.   We are slowly making progress in making it more functional, but this month I'm focusing on an element that's purely for the pretty factor.  Or at least a little fun!

I would love to add some interest to the plain door going to the garage.  All of our interior doors are totally flat.  I thought about adding some trim work for an architectural element, but I know myself.  I would then want to do every other interior door in the house, and we're just not up for that. Yet.  The alternative?  Paint, of course.

Here are some of the pins that are inspiring this project....

This was actually done with electrical tape, but I love the contrast and the graphic element.
graphic design with electrical tape...would be great with paint too

Or how about these french doors with trellis detail.  Divine!

And let's not count out color - pink chalkboard paint makes this door charmingly playful.
pink chalkboard door

Since we're carrying the same grey wall color from the kitchen into this laundry/mud room, I think something with a little color and a graphic design is just what this room needs.  I've already started taping but need to nail down the color. The breakfast nook is just off this space, so we have plenty of colors to pull teal? coral? green?  What will she be?!

Who else is pin happy and ready to get started?  This one is just in time for the winter Pinterest Challenge hosted by Sherry, Katie, Megan & Michelle.  Go check it out and get to pickin' a pin-inspired project!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you try! Is it weird that all of your colorful and graphic projects give me heart palpitations!?! I love how you just go for the color and the BAM and then try it again. Me and my neutral self just can't stomach it and yet I might be slowly working up the courage to add some colorful pillows. Haha-slowly right?


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