Monday, January 7, 2013

Instagram And An Office Sneak Peak!

I finally bit the bullet and traded my cave girl cell phone (with your standard calling and text) for an iPhone.  It was free and I really am a little over excited!  Excited about the camera, the apps, the ways it will help me manage my time and activities....but I'm nervous too.  I waited so long to get a smartphone because I did not want to be someone who is constantly attached to their gadgets....and knew that I easily could be.  Self discipline is not my forte!

I'm trying to put it down and even in the other room often but I won't lie - it's loads of fun to play with!  I also set up an instagram account.  Just setting it up and actual getting a profile picture on there was a huge accomplishment.  I'm still trying to figure out how to actually use it. And share pictures from it. 

I managed to take and tweak one picture.  And get it loaded into blogger.  It's a big day for me here! 

This is a sneak of peak of the organization undertaking currently happening in the office.  I'm finally getting my fabrics out of piles and organized! 

 I've also been working on my desk area and am excited to share it with you tomorrow!  If you would like to follow me on instagram you can search "Deme Crinion" and the username is "freshcoatofpaint".  I think.  Honestly I'm not really sure how to direct you but I'm there and promise to figure this thing out!

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  1. YAY Deme, so happy you have an iphone. I LOVE instagram. Now let me tell you, you can get other photo editing apps, edit a photo there, load it to your instagram and edit more (or just post it/email it/share it through instagram). I'm going to go add you to my Instagram account now!

    Let me know if you want/need any help. I'm here for ya!

    1. I did load Snapseed but still need to play around with it....have your phone close by! ;)

  2. I am totally kicking myself right now... I just donated 3 of those hangers to the Goodwill - and all my fabric currently resides in a plastic tote. Doh!!!

  3. Oh man! I do that all the time...find some great use for something I just gave away :)


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