Friday, January 11, 2013

A Weekend Docket: Time to Purge!

So, remember those pictures of a nice new workspace I showed you earlier in the week?

Here's my "keeping it real" shot for you.  What was lurking behind me as I snapped those shots...

Frightening, I know.  But the best organization jobs usually mean that things get a lot more messy before they get back in order.  And they are about to get worse, because this weekend I'm pulling everything out of the closet. The existing pile is ridiculous, so why stop now!  It really does pay off to pull everything out of the space you are attempting to organize.  It allows you take inventory of what you have and look at it all with a much more editing eye.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing what we have shoved in the depths of that closet.  I'm just chomping at the bit to finally toss/donate what we don't need and create a good system for the supplies we will keep.  And paint.  I'm fairly certain there will be paint in some form or another on those closet walls.

That's the goal for the weekend:  Purge my bedroom closet and stop living in fear of the office closet so I can PURGE in there too!

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  1. That's an impressive pile! It's going to feel great to dig in and sort it all out, and even better to look at what you have left after the purge!

  2. Just came over after reading about your breakfast corner on Young House Love! I totally identify with this post since I'm in the process of reorganizing my office space too. And I agree, it often gets worse before it gets better. Great job so far!

    1. The mess is why I avoid so many of those "roll your sleeves up" organizing jobs, but they have the most satisfaction at the end. Good luck with your office!

  3. I'm all about emptying spaces completely to fully assess the situation. There is no better approach when cleaning a closet. And good for you being honest about the process and mess. It takes guts to show off the seeming imperfections. I'm a yhl reader, and I'm about to be one of yours, too :)

  4. Haha- I love the thrill of organizing! Hopefully it well...

  5. I have that same desk! I bought it on Craigslist and don't know where it came from. Could you tell me where you got yours?

    I've also been meaning to change out the standard knobs that came with it for something more funky like yours, but I haven't really gotten to my shared office yet...

    1. Hi Emily - the desk was actually a Walmart find a few years ago. Like this one here:



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