Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31: Happy Halloween And A DIY Mike Wazowski Costume!

Happy Halloween, All!  

I'm embarrassed to say it, but I just finished Jack's costume during the kids' nap today.  Let me clarify....I didn't start Jack's costume until lunch today and finished during the boys' nap.  Talk about procrastination at its finest! 

My Sully Monster needed a sidekick for trick-or-treating tonight, so who other than Mike Wazowski would do?
Because of my extreme procrastination, I didn't have time to do anything fancy or logical (like follow a pattern).  I looked up a couple images of the character and some costumes online just to make sure I got the face details right....and then I winged it.  (I did see that someone used a pumpkin pattern for their costume, so if you have time to purchase something, I think that would be a great starting point) 

I started by measuring my little guy with a measuring tape from the top of his shoulder down to just below his bum (you want it to be long but not covering the legs, so their walk won't be restricted).   This was 16" for Jack.

Then I grabbed my green felt and had Jack lay down on top of it with his shoulders about 1.5" from the top edge of the felt.  I used a marker to trace the top of his shoulders and under his armpits.  I started cutting before I remembered to grab the camera but you can see this best on the left side.  I also free handed a wide round curve for the body on the right side and cut it out.

Then I folded it in half and traced around it for other side to get an even silhouette.

Then cut out the rest.  I wrote an "I" to designate this as the inside but the pen marks from my tracing made that totally unnecessary.

I took my cutout, placed it on top of another piece of felt and traced all the way around.

Jack felt he needed to inspect the work before heading to bed.  I don't blame him.  After I tucked him in for a nap, I cut out this shape and was left with two identical pieces.

I sketched out a face on the inside of one piece, just to get a feel for scale.  One I was happy with the layout, I cut out the eye and mouth.  Keep in mind that this will be a reversed image once it's flipped it over.  I snipped a hole in the center of the mouth then cut from there.  Same with the eye.

Next I took a black piece of felt large enough to extend beyond the mouth cutout.  It will look like this from the outside

I glued that to the inside/back with tacky glue.  I used a big white square piece of felt, then a small teal circle and even smaller black one layered on top of each other to create the eye in the same way.

This was a good start but the teeth are key.  I just cut a 1 inch strip of white felt, not worrying about it being perfectly straight since the teeth would be different sizes.

I started cutting squares from the strip using the first one as a guide for width.  

I cut a triangle onto one end (not making the tip too pointy) and started placing them in the mouth.

Once I was happy with the layout and fit, I started attaching them with glue one at a time, making sure to put glue on the straight edge of the tooth.

As I glued each tooth down I tried to place it just under the edge of the green felt.

Love that teethy grin :)

The last felt cutout was the horns.  These get attached to the shoulder straps.

Then it was time to sew!  I took the two green pieces (one face, one back) over to the sewing machine.  At this point, some of you may be shaking your head.  Can you even sew felt like you would regular fabric?  I have no clue.  I'm sure there are some specific settings for the machine, needle or thread I should have used, but ignorance was my friend as I just went for it.

With the two outside pieces facing each other and the insides out, I lined up the edges and stitched the sides closed from just below the armhole down to the base of the body curve.

Be sure to leave the bottom open.

The last part was the horns.  I placed them with the horn curving inward and with the straight edge flush against the top of the shoulder straps.

Place the straps together with the horn in between and stitch it closed at the top.

Flip inside out and check out your new monster friend!
My little guy has a big nugget but this fit over his head just like a t-shirt and went on without a problem.

 And this trio is ready for some candy!!!

 Jack's arms were smooshing down the sides a bit but he was really comfy.

Lookin' good, Mike Wazowski!

This princess was pretty fabulous herself...

And I think I could just eat up this little Sully Monster.  So ferocious :)

And they're off!

 Trick-or-treat little buddy!

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!  Did anyone else attempt a homemade costume? 

*This post is also the last in the 31 day "Working With What You Have" series - we made it!!  I'll be doing a wrap up post tomorrow and sharing some new things in store for the blog!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 30: Reusing Costumes

As much as I've been tempted to buy some new cute costumes for the kids, reality is, they are expensive.   The costumes my kiddos wore last year were a little big, which means they actually fit great now.  So, my Sully will be Sully Monster from Monsters Inc for one more year.  It's this costume from Old Navy: 


Everything is right except for the one eye - Sully Monster actually has two.  But who's counting eyeballs. 

Mia was a strawberry last year (also a costume from Old Navy):

It was also a bit large, so she could easily rock that berry sweetness again this year.....OR she could be one of the many princesses from her dress-up bin.  Sleeping Beauty has been the at the top of the costume discussion, so I have a feeling it will be a Princess with Monster in tow.

And what about the baby...well, there is no way that big boy will fit his infant dinosaur costume from last year.  Since we decided to save money and just reuse costumes we already own for the big two, I picked up a lot of lime green felt and some smaller pieces in different colors to make a costume for Jack.

Any guesses?  Hint: he'll be a trusty little sidekick for his big bro.....IF I can pull it off in time!

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!  And to any of you that live in the wake of Sandy or have loved ones that do, our prayers for safety, provision and hope are with you.
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29: Mom's Drop Zone

I may have shared a pic once before of this 3 ft span of wall to the right of our fridge.  It's a small, unused area of wall space as you walk into the kitchen from the laundry room.  You also enter into the house from the garage through this area.  

We've tossed around a bunch of ideas for how to make good use of this unused space, to include additional storage for the kid's play/crafting stuff.  But the space is narrow and since we ended up moving the play food cabinet to another wall, I now have a new plan.....  

 I'm being completely selfish here, and creating a space for myself!  But since it will help keep my things from ending up in random places around the house, I think my family will appreciate it too!

 This piece of wood in the corner is actually part of the old kitchen chair rail.

I had James cut it down to fit the space from the corner to the fridge. 
Tomorrow the rail gets a coat of fresh paint and the wall will be primed and painted too.  I'm planning on mounting 3-4 knobs onto the rail where I can hang my purse, the diaper bag, a coat and scarf or other accessories. 

This pink glass knob is actually an extra curtain finial.  We used the other as a spot for our daughter to hang her daily outfit, and I've just been waiting for a place to use the other one.  Since this spot is just for me, I'm going with the pink, baby!  

So, the paint, the rail, and the first knob are all things that we already have on hand - the perfect project for this "Working With What You Have" series.  I'll be able to pick up a couple more knobs when my spending freeze lifts here in a couple days!  Just in time for the paint to cure and us to mount the rail.  :)

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28: A Dining Room Scheme & Fabrics!

Thanks to some Pinterest inspiration and your great feedback, I'm super excited about the direction we've decided to go with our dining room! 

We needed to work with the dark chocolate brown walls we've already painted and needed a color scheme that would work with the adjacent living room and kitchen.

I was inspired by The Nester's master bedroom ......I love the mix of neutrals with that pop of pink color.

I wanted to apply the same idea to our dining room - build a backdrop of grey and brown neutrals with a pop of color that would work with the living room and kitchen. 

So, I went to Pinterest for some color inspiration.  You can see the post with my top four color scheme choices here, but based on your feedback this was the clear favorite:

Then I saw this dining room from At Home In Arkansas.  Those tealy blues had me swooning....especially those two wing back chairs.

And that settled it.  A neutral room with blue/green accents.  To stay in the spirit of this 31 day "Working With What You Have" series, I went to my supply of fabrics with our new color scheme in mind.  And what goodness I found!

I apologize for the lighting - I took this at night because I was too excited to wait until morning to share pics.  I had picked up these fabrics for various projects over the past year but the one on the back of the chair is what really jumped out to me.
I had plans for it in our master bedroom before we switched to a new color palette, and have been tempted to just give it away on several occassions.  I love the color and pattern (and the fact that it's stain resistant!) but it just didn't work with any of the other projects I was juggling.  Until now! 

I love that there's some brown tones along with the teal (there's more green to the color than it reads here).  It's going to either be accent pillows for the captains chairs that sit in the corners, a table runner, or maybe even cover the backs of the side chairs or all of the captains chairs. 

With this fabric as our jumping off point and our inspiration photos in mind, I looked through my other fabrics and was pleased to find several others that could work in the room.

And let's not forget about the ginormous built-in hutch....

She's definitely going white with a blue-green accent color for the back panel.  I'm still undecided on using paint/stencil or fabric to bring in that pop of color to the hutch, but am really excited to pull this design together!  We already have new flooring sitting in the garage and a new light fixture still in the box (both purchased this summer). A new mood board is definitely in the works!

Thank so much for your encouragement with the color and hutch! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27: Stripes, How Do I Love Thee..

If you have followed along this blog for any period of time, you probably can't help but notice my obsession with stripes.  There's the DIY pattern striped curtains in my office, the rugby inspired stripes in our boys' room, the stripes we added to plain lamp shades, and most recently, the ombre striped wall we rocked for our new breakfast nook.  

So, I'm sure it's no surprise that the stripes abound in my closet as well!
 In particular, I can't resist a grey and white combo.

This striped jersey number is the perfect transitional dress for fall...light-weight cotton, 3/4 length sleeves and great alone or as part of a team of layers.
And it's finally cool enough to wear my favorite fall boots!  

This Coach purse was my post-deployment splurge almost 9 years ago.  I bought something classic and with no signs of real wear, it just proves that it's worth paying for quality on select staple items.

 I'm daring to wear my hair in it's natural curly state more often.

And I have another accessory - can you see it?  The bruise under my eye from Jack clocking me with the corner of a book.  Good thing he's so cute ;)

The littles were off to the side just begging to get in the picture...

Mom, this is way too serious.

Now that's more like it :)

Hope you all are having a great weekend! 

Dress: Old Navy (with coupon code)
Charcoal leggings: Old Navy
Earrings, necklace, bracelets:  Target
Boots: Carlos by Carols Santana (via Marshall's)
Purse: Coach

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