Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fabric Appliqued Stogage Bins

Yesterday, I shared our little girl's finished closet redo.  It started out a sad, chaotic space and is now a cheerful and organized extension of her room! We used three canvas bins from Land of Nod to help sort her outgrown clothes and today I wanted to show you how easy it was to add the fabric applique labels to the front.

First, I opened up a word doc and clicked to insert clip art.  I searched their inventory for "sun", "snowflake", and "necklace".  I was looking at the overall silhouette, not necessarily the colors or details.  I inserted my favorite shape (into one word doc a piece), and enlarged it to my desired size.  Then I just printed and cut them out. 

I chose three colorful fabrics from my stash, one for each shape.

I flipped the fabric over and used a regular ball point pen to trace the silhouette onto the fabric.

Then came the tedious job of cutting them out.  I started with hardest first, so I wouldn't lose my mojo halfway through.  So the necklace was first, then the snowflake and finally the sun.

Then I grabbed my can of spray adhesive and a few sheets of packing paper to protect the table surface from a sticky mess.  I used a fresh sheet of paper under each shape.

 I placed the shape upside down and evenly coated the back with the spray adhesive.

I made sure the shape was centered and then smoothed it onto the canvas surface.

I place the bin face down on the table and put a heavy book inside for a few minutes to help press the fabric to the bin.  Although, I don't know if it was necessary - that spray adhesive is pretty darn....adhesive.

I did the same thing with the other two bins, then up on the shelf they went!

It's a super easy way for us to temporarily hold those outgrown clothes in an organized way until we are ready to ship another box off to the cousins or until the next donation run.  Fall/winter clothes go in the snowflake bin, accessories/shoes go in the necklace bin, and spring/summer clothes go in the sun bin.  Even Mia can help with the sorting, so we'll call this one a success!

*So who else is playing with spray adhesive?  What kind of labels or storage do you use to help keep things from becoming a jumble?

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Little Girl's Closet

Awhile back we shared our 5 yr old little girl's room reveal.  It was a l-o-n-g post, so I decided to save the closet reveal for another day.  Then I forgot.  Oops! 

I just finished up a little project to help us manage the constant change over of clothes for that closet (which I'll share later this week), so here's a long overdue look at this space!

But first, let's take a peak at what we started with...

This sad closet was begging for a better storage solution....things carelessly thrown on the top shelf....a pile of dirty laundry on the floor next to the dresser.....three bins attempting to control an out-of-control stock of dress-up clothes....and no doors. 
What did work was my childhood dresser that my parents had painted white, and I liked the separation of the hanging clothes.  That's about it.

I actually removed the closet doors because they were old and heavy, and more importantly, I could never access the middle of the closet or fully open some of the dresser drawers.  You can read about how we made these easy curtains to replace the doors here.  They're much more fun for a sweet little girl and much more practical for this closet.

 Open them up, and we now have a cheerful, organized space! 

We started by carrying the light pink wall color of the room into the closet.  The power of paint, I tell ya!  They we got to organizing...The left side of the closet now stores all of Mia's dresses.  James' mom snagged these slim velvet hangers from Home Goods for all the kids' hanging clothes.  Mia's are pink, Sully's blue, and Jack's green.

On the floor to the left of the dresser is a storage bin from Land of Nod that acts a hamper.  (We used some of Mia's Christmas money towards all the canvas storage bins in this closet, all from Land of Nod's "I think I can" storage collection).

All Mia's doll house figurines and furniture are stored on the shelf above.

On the other side of the dresser, is the another of the same bin we used for Mia's hamper.  This one holds all the kids' stuffed animals (that they don't keep in their beds).  This keeps our stuffed animal collection from getting out of hand.  Once they can't fit the bin, then it's time for some to go.

Above that are Mia's jackets and sweaters.   The large box on the top shelf is from Hobby Lobby and is for Mia's keepsakes.  The music box with her picture holds special cards from her baptism day.

We also snagged three square canvas bins from the "I think I Can" storage collection (you can check out how we added the fabric applique to the fronts here!).  They are much more durable than the fabric bins we had before, which were fairly crunch-prone.  When Mia outgrows clothes we send them to her younger cousins.  So, as we find clothes that no longer fit we toss them up into the bins - fall/winter clothes into the snowflake bin, accessories/shoes into the necklace bin, and spring/summer clothes into the sun bin.  Once they are full, I box them up and ship them off. 

That large bin on top of the dresser might be my favorite storage purchase.  It's the light green mega sorter and has three deep would be a great laundry sorter for kids, or in our case, perfect for organizing all those dress up clothes! Costumes/princess dresses are on the left, accessories in the middle, and ballet garb on the right.  I'm still thinking about something fun to do on the front :)

Overall, we are so happy with how easily we were able to organize this small space just by using the right storage pieces. And how much easier it is to maintain!

 One last time, shall we...



And that's a wrap.

I couldn't resist ;)

*I'm linked up at I Heart NaptimeTatertots & Jello  & The 36th Avenue

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Ombre Gone Too Far?

Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend!  I finally had my hair cut on Saturday after an embarrassing 5 MONTHS.  It was long, heavy, and in a daily spat with my hair brush.  My fab hair genie is amazing.  She kept my length but added a ton of layers.  My head feels 10 lbs lighter. 

It's been years since I've colored my hair, but I'm seriously drooling over this look:

Fall hair color 

I love the dark roots gradually getting lighter towards the ends.  One of the reasons I haven't colored my hair in so long is the frequent (and pricey) maintenance.  This would be much less of an investment in time and money.  And I just. love. it. 

What do you think?  Is taking the ombre trend to your head too much?  I'll give it a few more weeks and see if I'm still in love before taking the plunge.  

I'm wrapping up a few projects from the weekend today and am excited to share them with you this week!  

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Pinboard Inspiration

Tomorrow is officially the first day of fall, at least according to the calendar, so the box of fall decorations is coming down this weekend!  I love everything about this season...the smells, the food, the weather, the colors, the football...and in NM, the hot air balloons and evidence of roasting green chiles hanging in the air. 

I always love getting reaquainted with my fall decor and remembering what I snagged on clearance at the end of last season!  This year I also have my trusty sidekick Pinterest, to help me stay out of a decorating rut.  I can't wait to take some new fall inspiration to my old things!

So in honor of the fall equinox, here's a few favorites from my Fall Pinterest Board:

Oh the possibilities with pumpkins.....
Two pumpkin owls. 

Love this pumpkin display

velvet pumpkins!

mummy pumpkin :) 

state + address pumpkins 

Then there's mantle and table scapes...

Fall Mantel Decor 

Black & white plates.

fall table

great fall table

Fall table 

 And my most favorite.  Probably because it combines two of my most adored seasonal items: white pumpkins and pine cones.   There is such beauty in the simplicity of nature. 
white pumpkins and natural elements...lovely for fall 

Hope you all have a wonderful, fall inspired weekend!  And enjoy a pumpkin spice latte or two ;)
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

100th Post & Some 'Manly' Things!

This is officially my 100th blog post - WOW!  I can hardly believe how much this blog has blessed my life!  It's opened up a whole new community of encouragement and inspiration, brought along wonderful new friends, and given me an outlet to share three of my favorite things: writing, our home, and our family.  When you get to write about the stuff you love, you tend to have 100 more ideas floating around your head!

Every blogger knows how much weight every single comment, word of encouragement, and piece of feedback holds.  I'm so grateful for all of it and am excited to share this journey with all of you!

I must be feeling emotional today, because when my little man and I were driving home after dropping his big sis and big bro off at school, my 1 1/2 yr old pointed to that big sign with the red bulls-eye and shouted, "Tar! Tar!".  Well, who am I to squash that sweet boy's excitement?  So, we made a stop at our happy place and ended up coming home with these Threshold brand goodies for the man-cave!
I love the juxtaposition of the warm, natural leather(ish) and the cool grey/silvers.  We're using several metallics in this space (gold/silver/bronze) and multiple finishes (like the polished, shiny finish on the tray and the brushed finish on the ice bucket), so these will each add a unique touch.

I couldn't resist the wall-mounted bottle opener.  Hey, anything that let's your guests open beverages themselves and have a little fun doing it is a win!

 And this basket.  Oh my, this basket.  I have a mad crush on it.  I'm secretly wishing there were a version of it as a fabulous bag or purse for fall.  Nonetheless, it is quite the handsome storage tote and since I grabbed the larger size, it can function in so many different ways.  Right now, I'm thinking he'll be perfect for holding rolled up blankets on the hearth during the colder months.  But he could also hold magazines, James' notebooks for reviewing football film, towels for the bar, or even act as a grown-up looking storage piece for kid's books. 

These masculine goodies are getting me pumped up to finish this man-cave once and for all!  I kind of want it to be another surprise, but I'm not sure I can find enough covert time  to re-paint and dress the room.  And let's hope he doesn't read this post or the cat's out of the bag anyway!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dining Room Built-in: To Paint or Not to Paint?

Can you believe I'm even questioning it?  A fresh coat of paint isn't always the answer ;) But in this case it might be....which is why I'm asking for your input!

I've shared a few pics of our dining room here on the blog.  Like this one of our Dollar Store sourced kids art gallery.

And when we first scored this dining set on craigslist.

What I haven't showed you yet is our built-in.  You can see a glimpse of it here behind the hubs (you can also see the dark wood paneling of the family room in that other doorway). This was our first night after closing on the house. 

And here she is in all her beastly glory. 
I actually love having a such a large built-in piece of solid wood for extra storage and displaying our favorite things.  What?  You don't decorate with plastic orange Solo cups? 

 As much as I loved her, she was definitely dating her herself with those brassy handles, wavy trim and iron grates.  So with the help of my mom and Sully, the doors came down.

Of course there is some patch work to be done...

This is how she looked with doors removed.  Much better already!  I think we may also take off the glass doors, but for now I'm just being lazy about not wanting to have to dust whatever is behind them.

There's also this.  
 I mentioned before that the previous owner affixed linoleum tiles to every cupboard base and shelf in this house.  I wasn't joking about every one.  I just haven't worked up the courage or energy to tackle the job of removing them yet. 

Awhile back I also shared my color inspiration for the room.

It was all based off of Mia's polkadot teapot, my white ceramic dishes, and this green/pink floral fabric I found at Joann's. 

After we James peeled the wallpaper, we added a chair rail and yummy coat of chocolate brown paint.  I love the warm, deep color.  But with a dark wall color, a ginormous crystal chandelier we inherited with the house, and the traditional vintage dining set, the room had the potential to look very formal and stuffy.  Definitely not the vibe we're going for!  In order to keep it feeling comfortable and inviting, I planned to use Mia's teapot and some other sweet accessories to add a little whimsy to the space.

Well, it was a great plan but as we've experienced before, if you design a room that's open to other rooms (living spaces) without having a plan for the adjacent spaces, then that room will dictate what happens in the others.  The problem is we finished the other rooms first and ended up going with colors a little different than we originally planned.

So while I know we could create a beautiful, charming space with this pink/green/brown/white design, it just won't play well with the surrounding rooms, particularly that lime green.

The good news is that we have other rooms in the house with some of these colors, so we can reuse the accessories.  And I always like coming up with a new plan and getting inspired by something fresh all over again.

Our finished breakfast nook (and hopefully soon-to-be finished kitchen update) currently looks like this:

 It will have a few more natural elements when it's all done (butcher block counters, wood flooring, etc.).

And the other adjacent room that opens to the dining room is our living room:

The dining room, living room and kitchen are visible from each one.  So whatever we do in the dining room really needs to tie these two spaces together.  It will either be the key to cohesion or make them feel independent and chaotic. 

At least we have some similar colors going on in the kitchen and living room (blues and pinky reds).  However the kitchen has a grey backdrop and the living room a tan/brown.  Both neutrals.  Sooooo, since we are already working with a chocolate brown wall in the dining room, my next step is to create a neutral setting with various shades of brown, white and grey.  Then we'll add in one or two accent colors. 

A great example is the Nester's master bedroom palatte.  I am completely in love with the neutral shades of greys/browns/creams along with that pop of color from the pink pouf, pillow and accessories. 

I went to my trusty friend Pinterest and pulled a few color palettes with this overall vibe, keeping in mind shared colors of the living room and kitchen.





What's your vote?  Are you drawn towards the pinks, the blues or both?

And what about my friend here?

Should we carry that creamy white on the bottom half on the walls over to her?  Maybe add some color with paint or fabric to the back?  Or leave her as is with some updates through hardware and wavy trim removal?  We have wood flooring in a similar tone coming into this space eventually.  Hmmmmmmm.........

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