Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"What I Wore On Christmas" - Camp Patton

Grace over at Camp Patton is hosting a "What I Wore to Christmas" linkup, and well.....why not!

But first, thank you for the prayers and wishes for our family to get back to healthy in time for Christmas!  The boys were much better on Monday but still too snotty and sleep deprived to cart to Christmas Mass.  James and I headed out with the bambina while the boys camped out at home with my parents.

In case our hair didn't give it away, it was a little windy out.
(My Dress: Old Navy | Bubble necklace: Pick Your Plum...for 5 bucks!)

We went to the children's mass and Mia loved the nativity play and hearing the children's choir.
 (Mia's outfit...Dress: J Crew Online Outlet - Cyber Monday steal! | Blue ribbon belt and hair clip: DIY - glitter ribbon from Hobby Lobby | Silver shoes: Target | Velvet Coat: hand-me-down)

When we got home my parents had the boys dressed in what would have been their church duds, so we could grab a family pic.  They rock. 

Today, everyone was back to almost-normal.  This pic is deceiving...I was in pj's more than clothes for most of the day.  And this is Sully's favorite spot - snuggled up in the middle.

A rare shot of the hubs and I, together sans kids.

We had to drive my parents to the airport later tonight, so on went the coat.  It was such a gift to have my parents with us for Christmas and we'll have more pics of all our shenanigans with them over on the family blog later this week.

The silver and black bracelet was a stocking stuffer from my mom...I think she snatched it up from Marshall's.  It was instant friends with this snowman necklace made of pearls from my mother-in-law.  Do they have great taste or what?!

Jacket: Target clearance rack, maternity...I tell myself it's now a baby doll style coat :) | Red sweater: Gap clearance, several years ago | Pants: Old Navy's Rockstar zip-pocket pants | Boots: Target | Necklace: gift | Bracelet: gift (Marshall's)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Our baby turns 2 years old tomorrow and I'm still trying to figure out how to do this whole birthday-the-day-after-Christmas thing.  Any ideas??

Now come join in the fun over at The Camp!

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  1. You look lovely, as does the entire fam! Really love the blue dress with the bright pop of color. Blessed Christmas!

  2. Wow what a stunning family you have!!

    As for the 2 year old - you need to celebrate the day specially eventually, but at two I think you could get by with singing Happy Birthday and eating Christmas dessert leftovers :)

  3. Oh! I love that blue dress and you have officially convinced we I need a pair of wedge booties...thank you! Great look!

  4. Just found your blog through the link-up! L-o-v-e your blue dress. So elegant! Glad to hear the boys feel better!

  5. That blue maxi dress is fantastic! And I love your booties!! Merry Christmas and happy birthday to your little guy! My bro-in-law has a Dec birthday and my in laws just treated it like any another birthday. Not sure if that helps? LOL.

  6. My daughter's birthday is Jan 11th, and that's close enough to Christmas for me! I have time to get a little organized. BUT... I have thought if we ended up with a Christmas baby that I might do a small family celebration and presents -- maybe a dinner out, whatever they like on the day of the birthday. And then in a few months celebrate more of a "half" birthday with friends, without the craziness of Christmas. Good luck!

  7. LOVE that long blue dress, just beautiful on you! And your (babydoll) coat is awesome! Super stylish...just like your jewelry!

  8. Deme, I love that blue dress and the necklace. And the look on your little girl's face in the top pic is priceless!

  9. Wow you look good! I'm a sucker for coats now you've inspired me to check maternity sections even! Love the blue dress on you!

  10. Love the outfits! The bubble necklace looks great w/ that dress, and those boots are so cute.

  11. You and your girl are such a cute pair on Christmas Eve! And heart the jacket, maternity stylin' and all.

    Also, I thought of you when I got ready for Mass on Tuesday morning because I wore peep toes with solid tights and told myself "Deme said it was okay, so I'm doing it!"

  12. Love yours and your daughter's dresses! And your mom did a good job on that bracelet. ;)


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