Monday, December 3, 2012

Some Man-Cave Updates

If you missed the only other post this slacker blogger has done on this room in our house, you can check it out here.

A service call from Direct TV this weekend resulted in a little happy dance on my end.  Happy dance and Direct TV don't normally go in the same sentence, but sometimes pigs do fly.
The tech came by to service our dish but I asked him if it was safe for us to move this cable cord (yes - the one protruding from the picture frame like an 80's side pony tail), so that if fed through the built-in shelves.  He offered to "move it real quick".  I hugged him for an inappropriately long time and then let him get to work.  It was such a simple thing - just drilling a new hole. But drilling a hole from the outside of our house requires a huge drill bit that we didn't have. 

10 minutes later, our cord was run through it's new, discrete spot.

We also relocated the frame, which actually has a picture of the Notre Dame stadium, over to the bar area, and finally hung this speed bag in it's place.  James scored it from the same folks who sold us our antique dining table.  Who else loves craigslist?!

So, we have a new, old piece with a lot of character in place and no more unsightly cord to distract from it.  Hallelujah!

Sometimes, it's the smallest things that make a huge difference.  Maybe I'll be motivated to finally paint and finish this room now!
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  1. I am loving that old new piece! I am sorry but old finds just never get "old" for me (no pun intended). They bring so much to a room and give it character. For me, a room with whethered pieces looks soooo much better than a brand new big box room. Score Deme! Oh and I bet that Direct TV guy is still telling the story of the lady who hugged him for ten minutes. Haha!

  2. LOL. Man-cave. We don't have one yet but my hubby says I can't touch it when we do one day. It's true though... the smallest things do make a difference!

  3. I so agree with that great feeling you get when something small is FINALLY done...yeah for the TV guy who helped save the day!


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