Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Pinterest Inspired Gifts: Fort Kits!

One of my favorite gift ideas that I shared in this Homemade Gift Guide post was the Fort Kit.  I pinned this one created for a super hero birthday party, but I thought the idea of a Mega Fort Kit with all the tools for a great afternoon of fort play would be a gift that kids of all ages could enjoy.

We have seven special families with young kids to gift and last night seven Mega Fort Kit's were born!  
 Yes, these were finally assembled last night.  I'm totally on the ball over here. 

I apologize in advance for the color/lighting in these photos.  This was a post-kiddo-bedtime operation :)  

I tried to be as resourceful as possible with these, beginning with the bag.  I found some decent pillow cases ($3.00 for 2) at Big Lots.  They were a standard size but still much bigger than I needed.

So, I began by cutting each pillow case in half.  Here it is inside out with the top of the case on the right and the bottom half on the left.  I folded over the newly cut edge of the bottom half and sewed a 1 inch hem.  The top half was already open so I just sewed the cut edge closed.

I turned them right side out and had two bags!

 I printed some simple labels on card stock and punched a hole in the corner. 
(I cut a hole in the side of the top hem of each bag and ran some twine all the way through to cinch it closed.)

We ended up putting in a bit more than we listed on the tag
Almost all of the items came from the Dollar Store or Target dollar bins....with the exception of the sheets.  I grabbed the single flat queen sheets from Walmart.  Each bag cost me around $20 total.

To distinguish each bag and keep all the items from getting jumbled, I cut out the first letter of each family's last name in some colorful fabric.   We had 2 families with "C" so I used a blue gingham for the family with all boys.

I laid down some paper on the kitchen floor and sprayed a little spray adhesive on the back of each letter.

I quickly stuck it to the front of the bag and we were in business!

 We loaded the bags up with all the fort making goodies, tied them off and shipped them out this morning.  And prayed they would arrive before Christmas! 
It was fun to put something like this together - a bit of store bought and a bit of handmade.  We hope each family will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!

So tell me..has anyone else found their gift giving inspiration from Pinterest this year? Or still finishing up those homemade gifts? Please tell me some of you are still getting your gifts in the mail too!

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  1. Okay, this is brilliant. Really love this idea.

  2. I pinned some fort kits awhile back, but I really like your simplified version. Makes me feel like I could actually accomplish it! Most of the people we give (very simple) gifts to are local so no mailing, but not everything's delivered yet. I do have something yet to mail, but methinks it's just going to have to be a New Year's present. :)

  3. That it too cute Deme! I know some special kiddos who are just going to LOVE it!

  4. Oh my goodness! I love these. I could not resist taking a look. My little guys has just started asking to build "houses" so good timing.


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