Friday, December 7, 2012

A Homemade Christmas!

Yesterday, I shared a little bit about how we're approaching Christmas this year.  One of the main ways we're going to attempt to avoid the consumer-crazy of the season, is to try our hand at homemade gifts before we head to the store!

With all the gift guides floating around blog land, I thought I would throw together a handmade gift guide for anyone looking to save a little money and go homemade this year!

Of course, my BFF Pinterest did not disappoint when it came to great DIY gift ideas.  Here are some of my favorites....


A circle/infinity scarf....this one was made from a black t-shirt and gets some pizazz from a little gold paint.  Put "DIY infinity scarf" into the pinterest search box and tons of easy peasy tutorials for fantastic looking scarves will flood the page! 
DIY no sew polka dot infinity scarf

 These marble paper boxes by Centsational Girl are to.die.for.  And could have so many uses!

 What about the friend who's busy with school, work, or managing a household?  How about some fresh notebooks, with some charming DIY button bookmarks.
buttons bookmarks

Any ladies interested in dressing up might love a unique piece to add to their jewelry collection, like this Rosette Bib Necklace from Pattern Runway

Or this twist on pearls....just beads folded in half, tied with ribbon and a broach added for embellishment.
Fold beads in half, tie ribbon, add charms and flower to hide fold.

DIY stamped tea towels have such charm and endless possibilities.  Like these...
diy stamped tea towels

And these...
stamped stenciled tea towel kitchen towel tutorial

In my opinion, the best toys/gifts are the ones that allow those little imaginations to go wild and get their bodies active.

How about sweet little tea bags for a colorful tea party...
 2012-09-14 sachets thé (2)

Or DIY felt food for restaurant play...

Girls and boys would love all the supplies to build a mega-fort...

A flower hair clip bouquet is super sweet for little ladies....

 And little guys can don the snack/match car bandolier...
How to Make A Snack Bandolier

A monster art tote makes art time fun and clean up/storage easy...
Crayon Monster Art Tote Tutorial

You could even send along a tree with ornaments and presents a little early...

So many ideas come to mind for personalized and unique burp clothes for baby...

In going through my  Project/craft Idea board on Pinterest, I realized that I didn't really have anything pinned for guys or teens.  So, consider a part two in the works for this currently very discriminatory list!

Along with some crafting and creating, there will be lots of baking in this kitchen.  We've got the best sugar cookies in the universe on the docket, along with some chocolate shortbread, chocolate-chocolate mint frosted cookies, and the only Greek dessert I know how to make  - melomakarona (a Greek honey cookie).  Imagine baklava in the form of a cookie and that's pretty close.

I'll leave you with a do-it-yourself project from blogland this week.  Santa Hat Chair Covers from Make It and Love It.  So stinkin' adorable!

 Anyone else going the hand-made route this year?  What do you have up your sleeve?

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  1. These are wonderful handmade gift ideas! I especially love the scarf and the pearl necklace!! Might have to try and make those...too bad Im already about done with shopping this year! Good luck :)

  2. I am going handmade for sure. I've got something handmade for you and the kiddos! You'll have to wait until I ship it to find out what they are though! :)

  3. Wow this is such a great list! I am also excited to go the homemade route this year ... I especially love making homemade food gifts. Here are some white-chocolate peppermint pretzels I made for my coworkers this year:

  4. Haha...every post is scarier and scarier as to how alike we are. I making EVERYONE's gift this year! Even if our budget allowed expensive gifts-I just feel like it would never be anything someone does not already have or could easily buy. The handmade is personalized and very original.

  5. Oh wow I never thought about the button bookmark before. Just add on to my never ending to do list, why don't you? LOL totally kidding. These are some great picks! The art tote and the superhero kid I will have to do one day for my little guy.

  6. I love Pinterest- so addicting! That infinity scarf is so pretty- I love that gold paint. I hope to someday make the felt tree & superhero kit.


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