Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Dress. Four Seasons.

Today, I have a little sidekick to help me show you how to stretch your wardrobe (and your child's!) throughout the year, and wear clothes well beyond their designated season!

My Mia is as girly as they come and loves her dresses.  Most are sweet summer dresses that she wears throughout spring and summer, but with some simple layering she's able to wear them all year long.  I realized that I don't do this as often for myself, but could easily apply the same approach to my own closet.

So, I figured why not give it a shot and actually show you how to wear one dress through all four seasons...giddy up! 

Mia and I are each wearing one of our favorite and fairly basic dresses. I got Mia's on clearance from Old Navy - there are limited sizes left.

And mine is also an Old Navy purchase (I snagged mine on sale for $19.00 plus a 30% off coupon code online).

We'll start with Mia's favorite season...

We seem to go from winter to summer overnight here, but in those few weeks that truly feel like spring, we simply add some leggings and a short sleeve hoodie to Mia's dress for a look that easy and playful on a breezy spring day.

I like to throw a light sweater over this dress and add some bright colored accessories to keep it feeling like spring.

Mia:  Pink Hoodie: Target | Polka dot leggings: Old Navy | Silver shoes: Target
Me:  Striped sweater, belt and shoes are all Merona via Target

As it warms up, we swap Mia's leggings for some legging type shorts about the same length as her dress.  This way she can freely play and not worry about flashing her undies.  She likes to go bare foot whenever she can, so flip flops are the quick and easy choice for summer.

This light-weight cropped cardi is a summer staple for me.  And I especially seem to be drawn to turquoise during the summer months.

Mia: Sandals (old)
Me:  Sandals: Marshall's | Cardigan: Old Navy | Necklace: gift

My absolute favorite season in ABQ.  It starts cooling down in October and we have several weeks of beautiful 60-70 degree weather.  It also means I can don my favorite fall boots that I got last year.  On days that are too warm for a sweater, I just throw on a long sleeved shirt over my dress.

For Mia, we have fun with leggings again, layer a long sleeved t-shirt under her dress, and bust out the fall boots for her too.

Mia:  T-shirt and leggings: Old Navy / Boots: Hand-me-downs
Me:  Shirt: Target (2 years ago) / Boots: Marshall's

Since most places we go during the winter are heated, it's all about the layers.  We go with a fall-type outfit underneath warm coats and winter cozies like hats, mittens, and scarves.   I have an elbow sleeve length turtleneck layered under my dress here and like to wear colorful tights or warm leggings when temps dip down.

Mia has the same white t-shirt under her dress, but we've added some cable knit leggings and warm boots, in addition to her hat, coat, and mittens.

Mia:  Leggings: gift | T-shirt: Old Navy | Coat: Target (last year) | Boots, hat & mittens: Target
Me:  Turtleneck & mittens: Target | Coat: Target (last year) | Boots: Sofft via Marshall's (couple years ago) | Hat: handmade from a friend's Etsy shop (Sugar Plumb Tree now closed but maybe open in the future??)

 And there you have it! 

I need to give a special thank you to Mia for being such a patient and fun little partner in crime for this shoot!  And thanks to the photographer for your patience as two girls went through multiple outfit changes....while there was football on.....I owe you one, Babe ;)

I have more tips for stretching your wardrobe to share in future posts, but in the meantime, what about you? How do you extend your clothes into other seasons?  What's your favorite closet staple?

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  1. Love all the cute outfits! I am so impressed. You've inspired me to try to find creative ways to wear some of my favorite summer dresses this winter. I think my favorite closet staple is this lightweight scarf with sparkles that is light enough to wear in the spring/summer but also good for the fall/winter. Whenever I wear it, I always get compliments!

    1. Thanks, Dallas! And your scarf sounds like the perfect year round piece - can't go wrong with sparkles ;)

  2. Great post! I guess jeans are my favorite staple, though I can't really wear them in the summer.

  3. Solid t-shirts. For spring and summer they can be worn as is with a great skirt or pair of shorts/jeans, and in the fall and winter...layers, layers, layers.

  4. I love love love this photo shoot, Deme! Thanks for sharing sweet Mia with us, as well as demonstrating how a full-time mother models beauty and femininity to her children. Great job!

  5. Great idea! And such lovely pictures portraying lovely modesty. Here here!

  6. This is such a cute post! I have a similar black dress, so I might have to steal some of your ideas :)


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