Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16: Freshen Up The Vanity

On the second day of this series, we used some left over paint to give our laundry room bath a different look.  It was the first step in this basic bathroom update and gave us a fresh new slate.

Today we tackled that under-the-sink cave.  It held some extra toilet paper, toilet bowl cleaner, potty seat, and a basket of randomenes...like one half of a kid's cymbol set and a ridiculously teeny-tiny hand towel only suitable for toddlers.

When my parents were here at the end of September, we picked up a few bathroom goodies from Home Goods, and I've just been waiting for some time to put them in place. 

We started by pulling everything out and grabbed that same can of paint we used on the walls (Valspar's Granite Dust).

I scrubbed down the walls and base tiles to give us a clean workspace. Then, I quickly painted the inside of the cabinet and cut a piece of shelf liner to fit.

You can see a few wet spots but get the idea.

At some point, I'm sure I will get tired of using this brown/white graphic shelf liner on everything, but this IS about working with what you have, right?  And from this picture I can see that I need to touch up the paint edges :)

Anyhow!  I filled the wire basket with extra toiled paper and hand towels, leaving a space for the plumbing to ensure I could easily slide the basket in and out.

My original plan was to remove the doors but as we've experienced in other areas of the house, the previous home-owners painted over all the hinges with a crazy-thick paint.   I wasn't up for the battle today.

What do you think....doors off?  Try to see it :)

Or on?

Either way, that orange coutertop is on the way out!  We're looking for a new countertop option or even a completely new vanity, depending on our budget.  Slowly but surely!

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  1. I guess doors on or off would depend on whether or not you are okay with seeing the plumbing all the time. Your basket is really pretty!

  2. I like doors on. But I could also see doing a little curtain across in a pretty color instead of the doors.

  3. Love what you did Deme! I like the curtain idea. I noticed my friend had a small curtain made of burlap fabric with the rings to allow it to slide, looked great.

  4. I am saying doors off just cuz I love that basket! Home Goods?!

  5. Door on! I love them! Add some new pretty knobs and you're set!


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