Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 13: College Game Day!

There are absolutely days that call for jeans and a t-shirt...but that doesn't mean they need to be boring.  Just a few accessories and a twist on color can give the standard "jeans and a tee" a modern update.

Notre Dame had a huge game against Stanford this afternoon.  And as I've mentioned before, The Coach is an ND alum....therefore, blue and gold runs through the veins of this household.

I own a couple of Irish t-shirts and a blue and green striped sweater I wear during the colder football months.  Since today brought sunny fall weather, I went for a t-shirt and my favorite pink skinnies.  It also happens to be breast cancer awareness month, so (along will the NFL and NCAA) I'm sporting pink in honor of my cousin who is currently fighting her own battle. She's amazing!

And since the grass still hasn't been cut, we moved to get a shot of the shoes.

Who says leopard print has no place in football?  I say, go for it!

I went with a bronze belt and bronze earrings to complement the shoes..

The Irish won in a goal line stand against Stanford in overtime.  Intense game!  Anyone else cheering for their favorite college team today?

And next time you get dressed to cheer on your team, don't be afraid to pair that team t-shirt with some of your favorite colored jeans or throw in a fun print.  A pop of color or pattern have the same effect on your wardrobe as it does in your home....they give it personality!  So, have a little fun - this is sports after all ;)
Shirt: ND Bookstore
Jeans: Gap 1969 skimmer legging jeans on clearance (super skinny, so go up a size or two)
Shoes: Local discount shoe warehouse. Similar to here
Belt:  Old Navy
Earrings:  The Limited

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  1. I love the Fightin Irish Pride! You need to get with the NFL shop and give them some advice. Have you seen their campaigns in Vogue and Instyle? Sports shirts in modern silhouettes? Yuck. They just need some fun jeans and awesome leopard flats. PS Sooooo jealous of those shoes :)


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