Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pillow Talk

First of all, what an amazing day for the blog yesterday!  Thanks again to Jen for such a wonderful feature and to so many of you for hopping over here from her incredible blog!

There were a few questions/comments about the pillows in our breakfast nook, so I thought I would give you a quick breakdown.  The most asked about fabric is that awesome scallop striped number.

It's Sorbet Spa Scallop Stripe Coral by Michael Miller and I snagged it online at for only $8.98/yd.  I was a little worried the colors might be too loud but I took a gamble.  And they have an awesome return policy, so I could always sent it back :)  Well, there was no need for that because as soon as I saw it in person I was like a teenager with her first crush.  Kind of ridiculous actually.  The colors were much softer in person and since it happened to work fantastically with the tile we had already grabbed for the backsplash, I ended up using this fabric as the color inspiration for the rest of the kitchen!

In the picture below, the grey and white ikat print on the end is a Premiere Prints fabric, Chipper Storm, and the pink lady next to him is a fabric I found in the home dec section at Joann's.   

This white pillow with the taupe damask type print is actually a placemat I found on clearance at Target for $1.98. 

I wasn't sure what I would do with it but it ended up measuring 18x18"....perfect for a pillow cover.  I opened one end and just stuck an 18" pillow form inside.  Fit like a glove!  I loved that it was double sided, both side equally yummy.

The last pillow is this icy blue one.  The fabric is actually from a pillowcase set that I grabbed from Target.  The color was perfect and I love the small scale graphic.  I used this tutorial from Mini Manor Blog to do all the envelope pillow covers.  Super fast and easy.  It will be my go-to method from now on!  And here's a shot from the back.  I don't mind the clean line on the back at all and it makes cleaning a snap....or even possible for that matter since I can completely remove the cover to wash!

So that's the pillow rundown for our nook!  If I stand at the end of the bench I'm sort of tempted to dive right into them.

The kids are pretty stoked about them too.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing one of the drop zones in our house!  We're a couple weeks into the school routine now and have a better idea of what kind of paperwork will be coming in and going out.  But is anyone else still feeling confused?  My mind says it's still summer but reality says the school bell rang long ago....come on fall weather!  Get me out of this rut!
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  1. I love, love, love your breakfast nook! I love the assorted patterns on all of your pillows, the artwork and the subtle gray striped paint. It's so pretty!

  2. I gave your blog an award today over on my blog! Check out my post for the details! I love your blog! :)

  3. I am loving this whole space and how it is coming together. I can't wait for Football season to be over so I can see the finished kitchen! Next time I see James, I will have to tell him to clone himself so you can get this space finalized :)


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