Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Place For Reading, Prayer...and Quiet!

Well, I'm not sure how realistic the quiet part will is, but a girl can dream.

When we first moved into our house, I knew that I wanted this corner to be a quiet spot to begin the day with prayer, reflection and a little soul food.  But I haven't been using it like I envisioned.   This is mostly due to the fact that I have to wake up at the crack of dawn, before my three little alarm clocks, to get this time in.  Despite the fact that mornings and I have never been friends, I'm making a commitment to go to bed earlier, so that I can wake up for some morning quiet time.  It's absolutely the best start for my day.

There was a peak of this corner in the post on our Pottery Barn knock-off drapes.  In it's former life it looked like this:
 The jolly green giant was definitely comfy but getting past his prime.  He played along with those red drapes like a merry Christmas carol. 

After a new set of DIY curtains and swap with a chair from our master bedroom, we landed here:

Since then, we've added just a few more things to make this my quiet little spot in the midst of a pretty loud house. 

I used a birthday gift card to Pier One Imports on this accent table.  It's actually a magazine rack and I'm in love with her lines.  Such a unique piece.

It had just enough space on top for a small lamp and my morning coffee.  The magazine section was the perfect fit for my books/devotionals.

And the bottom shelf holds all the things I use for my daily quiet time.....Bible, journal, and two books for reflection and study.

 The cross wall came about from the crosses we have picked up or been given over the years.

We also keep a small basket of books next to the chair....as much as this is my personal little haven, it's also a favorite spot to snuggle up for story time.

It took just a few meaningful things to make this one of my favorite spots in the house - a place for a few quiet moments to myself before the day begins.

Of course, there is nowhere near this amount of light in this room when I actually use this space at the crack of dawn.  It's more like a faint glow from the stars still shining before the sun wakes up.  But that's what the lamp's for right?

*How about you?  Do you have a spot in your home that's just for you?  Does it double as something else by day?  How do you grab a few quiet moments amidst the daily chaos?

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  1. Hi Deme, I just found your blog while visiting Iheart Organizing. I wish I had a prayer spot. You've inspired me to find that spot, spiff it up and spend my first minutes of the day with Jesus.

    1. Janelle, your comment made my day. I hope you can find/create that spot in your home...even if it doubles as something else by day :)

  2. Hi Deme,
    I too just found you through I heart organizing. I need to also find a good spot for my devotions and prayer time. I am always so thrilled to find other Christian moms blogs to read and get ideas from. Look forward to seeing your upcoming posts. Jennifer

  3. I am loving the prayer spot. I was just thinking how lovely it would be to have a cozy prayer spot....when you posted this and God provided the extra recliner chair from our re-done office space. Nice!


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