Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Little Nip & Tuck...For the Couch

Our couch had a bad case of the sags.  She's about 6 years old and gets a lot of love in the form of snuggling, napping, and the occasional covert jump by the kids.  She was beginning to look like this:

Usually all those wrinkles are strategically hidden behind throw pillows.  Before I take a pic for the blog or have company over, I would do a whole 'smooth and tuck' routine.  It works great until someone actually sits on it. 

Then I remembered a tip from Sabrina Soto on her old show "Get It Sold".  A simple bag of poly-fil.  A much better solution to threatening my kids not to touch the couch or having guests sit on the floor.

 Fortunately, my cushions have zippers so this little project was a 'go'!

Simply take a handful of poly-fil and stuff it into one side of the cushion.  I started by pushing the fil all the way to the base, then evenly filled across the pillow one layer at a time, taking care to fill in the gaping corners.

One down, two to go!

5 minutes later I was done and I must say, she is looking years younger!  Let's compare...


And After:

The best part is they stay like that after someone sits down.  They even make the throw pillows look better.

My couch was in pretty bad need of some extra filling, so my three large back cushions took about 1 full bag and 1/3 of another.  If your seat cushions are looking a little loose, you can do the same thing for those as well, filling in the top near the zipper.

Time to go enjoy the plushness and smoothness of it all!

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