Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kitchen Update: The White Cloud

Funny thing.  I returned from visiting family to find a wallpaper-free kitchen (thanks to my amazing husband), thus decided to make Phase II of our kitchen remodel our summer project, and received a call from a contractor friend the next day saying he had an opening in his schedule to replace our kitchen lights and patch our walls.  Hot diggity! 

We had him come by and give us an estimate for a few projects that we just haven't been able to tackle with our 3 kiddlets running around.  As much as we try and love to DIY, there are some things that are worth hiring out.  When my friend mentioned her contractor friend had replaced a similar bear of a light in her kitchen with recessed lighting for a super reasonable price, I got his card. 

The contractor gave us an estimate for the work a couple of months ago but was booked through June.  It had fallen off my radar until he called this week...and what timing!  The next day he was here patching holes in our walls from removing old wallpaper, cupboards and built-ins and over the next two days he  took down the beast in the kitchen, installed pot lights, and textured our flat walls (left behind after removing all that wall paper).

Our house was in a cloud of white dust for three days but I am over the moon that we knocked out these 2 big projects in 2 days!

So let's get to it!  Here a "before" reminder...

Ceiling fan over the breakfast nook....didn't produce much light and we never used the fan.

The beast....large, dark, felt like it was closing in on you.  And definitely lacked when it came to providing adequate light for the room.

Not to be a whiner, but it was also a serious pain to change the bulbs.  Just saying.

And now for the "after"!  Well, the "so far" I guess.  No more dark, looming box!  Eight clean pot lights instead.

The fan is gone too and this corner feels so much larger!  By the way, the table normally isn't in the middle of the room like's just floating for easy acces to the walls. The vacuum is an important element in this picture.  I couldn't grab a pic of the mess (and I do mean mess) in progress because I was busy keeping the kids out of the way and outside as much as possible.  But that vacuum got a serious workout...I'm still finding white dust in the most random places. 

Just removing those two large fixtures made the room feel lighter and brighter already!  Then we screwed in the bulbs and turned on the lights....cue the choirs of angels and let there be LIGHT!

The photo lighting is off here and doesn't do it justice.  Hopefully the improvement comes across though.  It is so nice to have light evenly illuminating the entire room.  No more dark corners and the ceiling doesn't feel like it's coming down on your head. 
You can also see some of the texturing he did on the walls. We told the contractor that we would do all the priming and painting, so that's the next on the list.   But for now, I'm going to go turn the lights on again...just for the fun of it :)
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  1. Can I just say that you are hilarious!? I love the "hot diggity" and am going to steal it on my blog.

    Congratulations on your up-and-coming kitchen. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Can you tell me, is the white covering over the lights fabric or plasic? Are the coverings easy to clean?

    1. The old light covering was plastic - easy to clean on the outside. The new lights don't have anything covering the bulb but so far no issues with cleaning!


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