Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's Talk Toilet Rings

Yup, we're going to talk about toilets....and look at pictures of a toilet too, so consider yourself warned!

Cleaning toilets is probably not at the top of the Most Beloved Cleaning Chores list for most of us, but if a clean toilet free of stubborn rings makes you happy, then keep reading!  This will not be my most glamorous posts, but I promise I won't show you a totally disgusting toilet :)

In fact, we'll start with a mostly clean one.  This toilet has just be thoroughly scrubbed with toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet brush.  I've scrubbed as hard as I could and let the cleaner sit for ample time, but I'm still left (as usual) with this annoying toilet bowl ring that I just can't get off. 

Thanks to a tip from my cousin, 60 seconds later it was gone!  All you need is a cleaning glove and my magical new friend: a piece of drywall sandpaper.

My cousin was at Home Depot one weekend and by the entrance was a table with drywall sandpaper sheets and a sign that said, "works great on stubborn toilet rings too!".  They took some home and those puppies lived up to the hype!  So much so that she sent me a pack in the mail :) 

(This kind of sandpaper is similar to regular sandpaper in that it comes in different sized grits.  I'm assuming that this one she sent is a 220 grit based on the printed number, but I'm not sure).

So, lets get to it! Start by folding over one edge of the sheet about 2 inches.  

 Fold it flat and then break off that small end.

 This is all you'll need...although for really stubborn stains you may need additional pieces.

Then grab that bad boy and go to town scrubbing at the ring.  I scrubbed pretty hard and did not notice any scratching on the inside of my toilet bowl. 

Here's about 30 seconds in and halfway gone!

And all done.  The water is kind of foggy because of the "dust" particles.  I also took the paper and did a quick scrub under the rim where more stubborn stains tend to hide.

A final flush and viola!   CLEAN!  If you notice a lingering residue when you flush just use your toilet brush to gently brush it down into the flushing water.

Super easy, super quick and at only $3.47 for a pack of 6 sheets (priced through Home Depot) it's also super inexpensive!  You'll have plenty left over to address any more rings that build up over time. (The first time I did this on another toilet in the house, it required a bit more paper and a bit more scrubbing time. Ongoing maintenance is really quick!)

Happy toilet cleaning!

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  1. Oh my gosh! How ironic that you should post this. I was just googling trying to figure out what to do with toilet rings. I can't get rid of mine for anything and of course every house we rent tends to come with the house. You are awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this so much!!!!!!!! Yes I really am that excited to get rid of my rings.

    1. I almost didn't post this but am now glad I did! And yes, I was that excited too :) Happy cleaning!

    2. You just saved my cleaning lady's job. I thought she was not scrubbing enough. Many thanks.

  2. Great tip! You can also use a pumice stone that is specifically for this - you can find them at the hardware store and they have a handle so you don't have to put your hands in the water :-)

    1. Now THAT is a great tip! I'll definitely keep my eye out for one of those on my next trip to the store! Thanks :)

  3. I will have to try this as I have a problem with stubborn stains under the rim from hard water. I have tried a pumice stone but it didn't work well. It is a small rectangular block and didn't fit the bowl contours. It just scraped of the rings in fine lines where the 2 corners of the stone met the bowl; it was time consuming trying to go back and forth to get the whole surface cleaned.

    thanks for sharing this tip.

  4. Those also work great for rough heels perfect pedicures.

  5. Read this in the morning. Went out and bought the 220 sandpaper sheet and 2 minutes later - the ring is gone! Thank-you. I have been dealing with this for yeasr. Toilet looks so much cleaner without that ring.

  6. It WORKED!! Thank you SO much!! I've been embarassed of the ring in our toilet since we moved in five years ago! I tried CLR, which didn't work, so I basically just gave up! Who would have known that I was always only 30 seconds away from a stain-free toilet? YOU ARE SO AWESOME! THANK YOU!

  7. If you have Bar keepers friend, which is a sink cleaner it removes this ring and rust stains just by sitting on the toilet bowl for 10 minutes then scrub a little and flush!

  8. They do make pumice stones for this and they are way cheaper. get them at grocery store or home depot, target, walmart etc!


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