Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Boys' Closet - Calling it DONE!

Stick a fork in er'!  Our boys' shared closet has been a three-phase project for us and it's finally D-O-N-E. 

Let's take a little trip down memory lane...

Phase 1:  Assessment/Plan of Attack
Here's where we started....a large plastic set of drawers that were not really fitting our needs, diapers and randomness tossed onto the top shelf, and everything else squeezed in between or thoughtlessly tossed into those bins.  Not pretty and not practical. 

 (With doors removed)

We needed a better solution for storing diapers, a system for storing clothes in the next size up and for corraling clothes the boys had outgrown, an alternate for the old closet doors, and better storage that worked for our specific needs.

Phase 2:  Clear It Out!
We started by clearing everything out of the closet.  The enormous plastic drawers went to the garage for tool/work towel storage.  Those drawers used to hold clothes for the boys in the next season and next size up, but we moved them to long narrow bins that slide right under the boys' beds.

Instead of storing the diapers on the top shelf we put that randomness collector of bins to good use.  All the diapers are now accessable and organized by type (regular, night-time, day pull-ups and night pull-ups).  We use the smaller bins to store shoes in the upcoming size/season.  We also moved their hamper (actually a Notre Dame drink cooler) out of the room and into the closet.

We removed the old closet doors that only allowed us to see half the closet at a time and hung this bright curtain panel in it's place using an inside mounted rod and a sideways mounted coat hook for a tie back.

We ended up with this:

Phase 3:  New Storage and Finishing Touches.
I ordered three of these bins from Land of Nod to help corral clothes and bedding on the top shelf of the closet. 

I used some Adhesive Bookplate Labels  from the Martha Stewart line to label the bins, and printed labels from my compter for misc items, clothes that are too small (to be donated) and sheets/bedding.

All that remained was a few finishing touches.  I decided to carry the brown color from the walls into the closet (paint is Faint Maple by Valspar).  It was a quick paint job that changed the whole look of the closet.  It no longer feels like storage space, but part of the room.

The final addition was this shower curtain rod cover from Home Depot.  I saw this genius idea over at Jen's IHeart Organizing blog when she was updating the closet in her boys' shared room.  Such a simple, inexpensive solution that packs a big punch!  It covers that cold metal rod and gives a streamlined look to all the white trim/accents. For an added bonus, it allows the hangers to slide more smoothly, and can easily be cut to fit your space.  Thanks, Jen for the great idea!
The boys' clothes were organized by these awesome colored hangers my MIL found at Home Goods.  Blue for Sully, green for Jack. 

Now, I know I said this space is finally done...in fact, I think I used big capital letters to drive that point home, but that big empty space above the rack of bins is just begging for something cute. 

During the fall/winter months the boys have a lot more clothes and jackets on hangers that fill this space but for now, I'm looking for a sign or fun idea to fill that gap.  Other than THAT, it's done :)

One final look....


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  1. I love it! It looks great. I might have to order some of those bins, too, for the boys' closet. I wish their closet could be more streamlined, but it is absolutely STUFFED with toys. I would have no idea where to put them all if I just had their closet filled with clothes/diapers, etc. I definitely need to do some reorganizing in there! On another note, I recognize quite a few of those shirts hanging in the closet. :) Great job and I'm sure it feels great to have it checked off the list.

    1. We definitely purged a lot of rarely played with toys and moved others to the family room. They still have plenty of books and their train table in the room :) I'm really happy with the bins too - more sturdy than I expected!

  2. Organized bliss! You have done a wonderful job. The closet now looks accessable and easy to use not to mention cute!

  3. What a great idea to use the toy storage cubbies (the ones that everyone have) to store diapers and shoes. Brilliant.


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